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Moxy Guitars: Feed Your Obsession
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Moxy Guitars: From a vision to a reality! by Jose Suros

About a thousand years ago, there lived a man in a small town with visions and dreams of someday creating art. Okay, that sounds like words for some rock band legendary tune. I am not too far off though. There’s a man who really lives in somewhat of a small town who had a vision and dream of creating art. His name is Anthony G and he is my Moxy Guitars business partner. He dreamt of being a well-respected musician and recording artist. He accomplished both dreams successfully. Later, he added a music school ownership to his resume. Finally, as an entrepreneur, he had another dream and that was to own a guitar company in order to build electric guitars.

Why build guitars?
Anthony G always built a guitar here or there, for himself or someone else. He always felt that a guitar needs to channel innovation, so you can become a guitarist whose instrument resonates with your style. About two years ago, Anthony G presented me with an idea to start an electric guitar company. I said let’s do it. We both came from two different journeys in this vast universe and our destinies collided creating Moxy Guitars.  Soon, we began channeling innovation creating instruments that resonate with the musicians style.

What kind of electric guitars to build?
Anthony G always felt that writing and performing music is a highly creative process. A process that is affected by the environment and tools you use. We both agreed that Moxy Guitars creates works of art that are designed to amplify the musician’s creativity. We both share a love for guitars and music. So, our combined experience and know-how to design and sell premium electric guitars will lead to Moxy Guitars’ success. Every high quality Moxy Guitar made is a direct result of a creative process and amplifies the musician’s creativity.

Does Moxy Guitars have any concerns being the new kid on the block?
Both Anthony G and myself believe that someday, a small guitar company like ours will stand tall along side of well known brands. Hey, the founding guitar fathers started just like us. Check out the Moxy Guitars video below showcasing our flagship models. Rock ‘n’ Roll and Moxy Guitars are here to stay!!!  Moxy Guitars will stand tall in the guitar manufacturing universe and it’s destined to be a well known brand!!!

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